Alun Clewe (alun_clewe) wrote,
Alun Clewe

Um... YMMV?

So, three years ago I made a post about a horrible, horrible Homestar Runner fanfic I had somehow run across. (I don't remember how I found it in the first place; I certainly hadn't been looking for Homestar Runner fanfic. I have little interest in fanfic in general, and the possible existence of Homestar Runner fanfic had never even occurred to me.)

Well, recently I ran across another mention of this awful fanfic. On TV Tropes.

On a page for fanfic recommendations. Singled out as "one of the best Homestar Runner fanfics out there, and one of very few to mimic the character voices accurately."

I am not generally in the habit of using the acronym "WTF". In this case, however, I think it applies.

I mean, seriously. If this hideous trainwreck is one of the best Homestar Runner fanfics out there, I shudder to think what other Homestar Runner fanfics must be like. If this one actually stands out for getting the characters right more than other fanfics, I can only assume that other Homestar Runner fanfics involve Coach Z, distinguished Oxford professor of gender studies, moonlighting as a brilliant detective trying to put a stop to Strong Sad's murderous rampage.

As I said, I'd never been particularly interested in fanfics... but this is leading me to believe that the bar for what is considered a good fanfic may be even lower than I suspected. Drastically lower. Egad...
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