Alun Clewe (alun_clewe) wrote,
Alun Clewe


Happy new year!

And... happy new post! Does that make any sense? Eh, probably not.

Okay, once again I haven't been posting much; I've been busy. But... that may change in the future. I have big plans for this year, and once things are underway, well, maybe I'll have a little more time to devote to things like this. This week, however, is critical. I have a number of things I want to get done this week. If I don't end up getting them done this week... well, it's not an absolute disaster, actually; it's still possible I can get them done the following week; but the sooner I get them done, the better, and this week would be the best time to do them since I don't have anything else going on.

So... yeah, and anyway, as much as I've said it before (and not had it happen), I do expect to be updating my LiveJournal a bit more often in the following year. Though not just on this account. I mean, this LiveJournal is under the name I use for my webcomics; I actually have two other LiveJournals, one for my acting career and one for role-playing, that I've hardly ever used. That may change. So, while I'll probably keep posting general updates about slices of life or nothing in particular here (as well as posts about my webcomic), I probably won't be posting about my acting (though it may get mentioned in passing) or my role-playing here, since I have other places to post those. (And if anyone should want to follow those journals... well, I'll probably post them later, or you can comment and ask about them.)

Anyway, we'll see how much I stick to my resolve about posting more this time. But in the meantime... I've got a lot to do this week...
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