Alun Clewe (alun_clewe) wrote,
Alun Clewe

48 Hours

I really need to get back in the habit of posting here more often. Well, not "need" to, technically, I guess, but want to. And yeah, I know I keep saying that, and yet never follow through. Things have been busy, though (and yeah, I know I keep saying that too). The last couple weeks I think I've averaged nearly a shoot or an audition a day, which is good, but... you know, busy.

Anyway, for the past three years I've participated in 24 Hour Comics Day, a day when comic creators take up the challenge to conceive, write, and draw an entire 24-page comic in 24 hours. All three times, I've done it at a comic book store in Santa Monica called the Comic Bug. The first year, when I first resolved to participate in 24 Hour Comics Day, it was the closest host site, and I liked the place and the owners enough that I've been back regularly since, and always go there for 24 Hour Comic Day. It's been good. Last year, during 24 Hour Comics Day at the Comic Bug, I happened to be sitting next to the creator of 24 Hour Comics Day himself, Nat Gertler of About Comics. (It was Scott McCloud who first conceived the idea of 24-Hour Comics, but Nat Gertler was responsible for there being a specific day annually devoted to them... and who then, after turning over the reins of 24 Hour Comics Day to ComicsPRO, felt obligated to participate in 24 Hour Comics Day a few times himself to show that he hadn't just abandoned the project.)

However... this year the Long Beach Comic Con was scheduled for the same weekend as 24 Hour Comics Day. And the staff of the Comic Bug had already committed to be at the convention. Which meant they couldn't host 24 Hour Comics Day that weekend. They were hosting it the following weekend, but that wasn't technically the official 24 Hour Comics Day. As it turned out, though, there was a local location hosting 24 Hour Comics Day—Collectors' Paradise in Canoga Park. I'd never been there, but it was apparently the only participating location this year in the Greater Los Angeles area.

(Oops... Maybe not. Taking another look at the 24 Hour Comics website now, I see there was also a participating site in Newhall, Brave New World Comics. I'm pretty sure that site for some reason wasn't listed when I checked originally, though I guess it's not entirely impossible that I just missed it somehow.)

So... this left me with a choice. Do I participate at Collectors' Paradise on the official 24 Hour Comics Day, or at the Comic Bug the following week?

The answer was obvious.


So, yeah. This last weekend I was at Canoga Park, participating in 24 Hour Comics Day at Collectors' Paradise. (Where, as it happened, I was once again in the same room as Nat Gertler, though not actually at the same table this time.) And I completed yet another 24-page comic, "ROBOGHOST in 'The Net of the Damned'", which I will scan and upload sometime in the next few days.

And then this coming weekend, I plan to be down at the Comic Bug, doing it all again. We'll... we'll see how that goes.
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