Alun Clewe (alun_clewe) wrote,
Alun Clewe

An Addendum to the Addendum

So... I mentioned in the addendum to my last post that I found out I did get a part after all in the pilot I didn't think I had gotten a part in. But now... I'm not sure things are all that definite. The director really didn't like my reading on the readthrough, and I just got a call from his assistant trying to go over things with me... they didn't actually say they're considering recasting my part, but, um, yeah, I'm a little worried.

The assistant said they had loved my energy during the auditions, but it just wasn't there during the readthrough. Well... that may be true, but I had plenty of things I was worrying about at the time. One of the two biggest being my schedule for that day... I had a rehearsal for a feature I was supposed to be at later, and the readthrough started much later than it was supposed to and went long, so I was worried about the prospects of making it to the rehearsal. (As it was, I had to leave the readthrough early (that is, after we'd already read through it twice, but apparently they'd planned to read through it a few more times), which also may not have endeared me to the director, though I had mentioned to the assistant that I had another commitment later that afternoon and might have to leave early, and she'd said it was okay.) Second, they told me after I showed up that they wanted me to do a Scottish accent. I had had no inkling of this previously. I can do a decent English accent, passable Southern, but Scottish... not one of my specialties. So I think maybe I was focusing a little too much on that.

Be that as it may, the assistant went over their concerns with me, and asked me to call her back at five and read my lines for the first scene again. Again, she didn't actually say that if I didn't do better then, they'd recast my part, but... um. Yeah. I'm definitely nervous about this.
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