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Parts I Didn't Get

So. This would be the post in which I write about what I did at Comic Con this year, except that because I procrastinating registering until it was too late, I didn't end up going to Comic Con this year, despite the fact that I could have gotten a pro badge and gotten in free if I'd just gotten around to registering on time. (Well, okay, there's still the cost of gas, and lodging if I stayed down there, which given my current financial status I wouldn't have (I probably would have just driven in for a day or two), but anyway.) But there are other things I have to post about.

I mentioned in my last post an audition I had for an online Yoplait commercial. It seemed like a fun part, and I thought the audition went well. And, indeed, I got a callback the next day. At 10:24. An odd time, but one I should have been able to make it for.

Well, I had things to do that morning, and I was planning on going straight from the audition to my parents' house to help them put down some flooring, so I had to get my stuff ready for that as well. And between some computer issues trying to get things printed out, time spent looking for some things I'd need at my parents' house, and, well, traffic, I got to the audition about five or ten minutes late. They had planned (though I didn't know this until I got there) to send people in in specific groups, and the group I was supposed to be sent in with had already gone in by then. The person organizing everything out front told me not to worry about, that it wasn't a big deal, and said that the director's expectation that everyone was going to get there right on time and the specific groups would be sent in was unrealistic to begin with. But I can't help but wonder if that's what lost me the part.

(Oh, yeah... I didn't get the part. I would have heard by now if I had. I'm not happy about that, because, as I said, it seemed like a fun part, because it would have paid $350 (not a heck of a lot, but it would definitely be helpful), and because it would be good to keep on the good side of the production company for possible future jobs (and if they did realize I was late and I didn't get the part because of that, obviously that might impact my chances at getting future auditions there). In the long run, I guess it's not really a big deal, but still...)

Oh, I don't know that it is. And I'm not saying that they went through the list of names and scratched out anyone who was late... that's not entirely inconceivable, but it's very unlikely. But maybe if they were on the fence between me and another person, the fact that I arrived a little late was the deciding factor... And the thing is, there's no good excuse for it. Many other auditioners were arriving half an hour early. I should have. But I didn't, because I am an idiot.

Of course, maybe my not getting the part had nothing at all to do with my being late. Maybe they just decided another actor was better for it. Maybe the director didn't even realize I had arrived later than my appointed time. But I don't know, and I'm still worried about it.

While I'm on the topic, there's another part I also may have lost due to stupid reasons. A few weeks ago, I responded to an open call posted on Craigslist. When I got there, though, there was more than one audition taking place at that address, in different rooms, and, since the posting hadn't mentioned the name of the project, I wasn't sure which one it had been referring to. When I inquired and mentioned what I did know about the project, the person at the desk managed to identify which one it was—except that the people inside the room doing the casting said it wasn't supposed to be an open call, and that they were only seeing people they had made appointments with. I found the posting on my cell phone and showed the person at the desk that it did indeed say that it was an open call (except for children, who were requested to set up appointments), and everyone seemed very frustrated about the matter, and eventually one of the people from inside came out to use the computer at the desk to delete the posting, which apparently wasn't supposed to be there in the first place. I apologized for the mess and said I would have submitted my information had it not said it was an open call, and I was told to go ahead and audition anyway. So I did, but I figured there was no way I'd get this part; they must hate me for showing up without an appointment, pointing out the open call posting, and inadvertently causing them all this grief.

So I was very surprised, a few days later, to get a callback. Which seemed to go very well, overall, except for one screwup that they didn't comment on and that I hoped wouldn't make a difference. But, since I never heard back about that project, I assume that screwup did make a difference after all. What was it? Well, the callback, like the original audition, was filmed. And for some reason, during the reading, I was in doubt whether to look directly at the camera or at the reader, and I'm pretty sure I looked into the camera part of the time and at the reader other times. Now, in retrospect, it's perfectly obvious I should have been looking at the reader. I know that. I don't know why I vacillated on that at the time. I mean, this is a basic thing that shouldn't have caused me any trouble; of course I'm supposed to look at the reader and not directly into the camera. So I can definitely see, if they played back the audition, why they wouldn't have cast me. We liked his reading, but this guy keeps looking into the camera! We can't have that.

Again, I don't know for sure that's why I didn't get the part. Maybe they just found other actors they liked better. But, again, I don't know, and it still bothers me that I did something that stupid.

So. There we go. Two parts possibly lost to stupid mistakes. And, sure, maybe they weren't; maybe my lateness, in the first case, and my looking into the camera in the second, had nothing to do with why I didn't get the parts. But I'd feel a whole lot better about it if I hadn't made those mistakes, so I knew it was just because they'd found other actors who they thought fit the parts better. Unfortunately, I don't.

Now, for an addendum. See, it often happens that I plan what I'm going to write in an entry, and don't actually get around to writing it until later. That happened hear; I more or less planned this entry out yesterday morning, but didn't write it until, well, now. And in the meantime, I found out that one thing I'd written above was wrong. That second part? I got it after all.

I didn't know this till I was on my way to a readthrough—that is, when the cast is called together for a preliminary reading of the script. How could I be called in for a readthrough and still not know I'd been cast? Well, see, okay, this project, as it turned out, was a TV pilot. (Not, however, an actual studio pilot like the audition I had back in March—this is just for an independent pilot that may or may not (and probably will not) ever get picked up.) Now, the Saturday before last, I'd gone on for an audition (at the same location as the initial audition for this project, coincidentally) for a webisode pilot. I got a call a few days later saying I'd gotten the part, and would be contacted later with the details. So when I got a call on Saturday asking if I could come to a readthrough on Sunday for a pilot I'd auditioned for and been cast in, I assumed it was for that project. I recognized the address the readthrough would take place at—"Oh, the same address where the callbacks were held." "That's right."

It didn't hit me till I was on en route to the location. Wait a minute... that address wasn't the location of callbacks for the webisode project... there were no callbacks for that one. This was where the callbacks to that other project were held, that I never heard back about. So... did I get a part in that project after all?

And it turned out I did. The end.

So I guess my looking directly into the camera during the callback wasn't a fatal mistake after all. Still one I'm not planning on repeating, though.

And as for the Yoplait commercial... yeah, still a little sad about missing that part. But on the other hand, it turns out that there might have been a conflict between the shooting schedules of that commercial and of this project anyway, so maybe it's for the best...
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