Alun Clewe (alun_clewe) wrote,
Alun Clewe

Double Spaced

So, a couple years ago now, I guess it was, I first took some classes at Ultimate Improv. Since then, I haven't really done much improv-related, but I've kept in touch with the people at Ultimate Improv. Well, Ultimate Improv is undergoing a change of ownership, and with it, a change of name. The new name? The Space.

My roommate, Allen, is the owner of a theater near LACC. The theater's name? The Space.

So Ultimate Improv's new name sounded a little familiar...

When Allen found out that another theater was calling itself the Space, he was, to say the least, not happy. He was concerned about the possibility for confusion with two theaters in Los Angeles with the same name, and wondered, of all possible names, why they'd chosen that one. He talked about trying to contact the owners of the theater about the matter, but I told him I happened to know the owners and I'd try to bring it up sometime.

Which I did, a week or two ago, but to little effect. I did speak to one of the new owners, but he was already aware of the existence of the other theater with the same name, and said it was no problem. The possibility of confusion was dismissed on the grounds that, he said, neither theater was well known enough for it to be an issue. I didn't press the matter; I don't think it would have accomplished anything.

For now, Allen seems to have forgotten about the other Space--he's had other things to deal with, the acquisition of a new cat and his grandmother's death among them--, and I've seen little reason to remind him. However, if he ever remembers, or sees another reference to the other Space somewhere... well, I'm not sure exactly what will happen. I don't think there's anything he can do legally to force the other theater not to use the name--it isn't as if it's trademarked, or anything--, but I'm pretty sure there will be some unpleasantness involved. Perhaps everything will blow over without incident... but I'm not counting on it. Sooner or later, this is likely to lead to trouble. I am not looking forward to it...
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