Alun Clewe (alun_clewe) wrote,
Alun Clewe

Ex Tempore

There's one thing that I've noticed keeps popping up over and over in a lot of audition listings for commercials and comedic roles. "Improv training required." "Please submit actors with good improv skills." "Improv experience a plus."

Now, I remember doing improv exercises in high school drama class, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't count.

So, when I saw a listing looking for actors to audition for a new improv group--no experience required--I jumped on it. The audition itself...well, it was kind of odd, and I wasn't sure how optimistic to be, especially since there was a big turnout, and only a relatively small proportion of applicants would be chosen--more than twenty people there, I think, and there was at least one other night of auditions that would likely have just as many people, and they were only taking ten or twelve people for the group. But, as it turns out, I got in.

(One downside to this is that it means commitments on some days a week that prevent me from auditioning for certain other things. In the long run, though, I think being able to list improv training on my résumé will definitely pay off.)

So...apparently after six or seven weeks of practice and training, there's only going to be one public performance. I don't know when it is yet, but I'll mention it here when I do.

But along with that, I also decided I may as well enter something called Xecution--it's kind of an improv meets American Idol type thing, where one improv actor is eliminated each week and the final winner gets $100 (and the chance to join the main improv group). What the hey. So, if you're in the Los Angeles area and you're interested in seeing me make an idiot of myself, the first day of the Xecution is this Friday at 7:00. [EDIT: Oops. 8:00, I mean.] (It will continue on subsequent Fridays, but how many weeks I'll be there depends, of course, on how soon I get eliminated...) It's at the Ultimate Improv Theater, 954 Gayley Avenue, in Westwood. I understand that at least in the first few weeks, part of the decision as to who to eliminate is going to be by audience voting, so feel free to come by and vote for me. Or vote for someone else, if you think I'm really that bad...
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