Alun Clewe (alun_clewe) wrote,
Alun Clewe

Another Entry On The List Of Things That Should Not Be

A few days ago, I accidentally happened to run across something I hadn't realized existed--though I suppose I should really have suspected it.

Homestar Runner fanfic.

Really bad Homestar Runner fanfic. Though I suppose maybe that goes without saying.

I haven't read through the whole story (and almost certainly never will; I can't possibly imagine having nothing better to do than read all of that), but from what I've glanced at the author's main goal seems to have been to try to cram in every rejected potential character ever mentioned on the Homestar Runner site and subsequently not used. Apparently it didn't cross his mind that maybe if the site creators had decided not to use some characters, they may have had a reason for that decision.

The world of fanfic is a scary, scary place.

[EDIT: Addendum: The story itself may not be worth reading, but check out "The Story Behind The Story", in which the author psychoanalyzes the characters and repeatedly pats himself on the back for his brilliant work. It is comedy gold!]
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